GCPC 2022

Dear GCPC community,

Problem solving is our passion. Unfortunately, right now we are faced with a problem that is not of algorithmic nature. But it is of utmost gravity and urgency, which is why we address you here.

As you certainly know, at this very moment the people of Ukraine are fighting for their nation, for their freedom and for their lives. We, the organizers of GCPC, condemn the Russian war of aggression in the strongest terms possible. The abominable crimes committed by the Russian army are an assault on all of humanity. The sovereignty of Ukraine must be restored and the perpetrators must be brought to justice.

The silence of the ICPC Foundation on this war is deafening and disgraceful. The organization of the last ICPC World Finals in Moscow, in apparent close coordination with organisations that are central to Putin's aggressive course, was shameful already back then and is even more shameful now in retrospect.

Sadly, we have noticed a continuous abandonment of fundamental human rights principles and we do not in any way endorse the ICPC Foundation or their sponsors.

In response to our concerns, the ICPC Foundation assured us that our feedback was much appreciated but did not choose to provide any substantial statement regarding the subject matter.

We want all GCPC participants to know that your programming skills are powerful and can shape the digital future of our world. There are many good job opportunities for problem solvers. You can research an organization before you lend them your talent, and you should have high standards. Please, use your power wisely.

The GCPC organizers.


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Thank you to AltaSigma GmbH, who kindly sponsored the infrastructure the contest judge runs on.

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